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  • BobCat Fuel System

    Hi All,

    I just joined. Got a fuel system question or two. I have a Bobcat, with a 16 hp Onan. I think the fuel pump has quit. The power went out last week, so I fired it up. Half hour later, it died. I fooled around with it for some time.

    I found out it was not getting gas, nothing showing in the filter. I can suck gas up thru the filter, but it sounds like I might be getting air along with it.

    How do I pull the line that goes into the tank, so I can check whats going down to the gas? Looks like a soft plug, it will turn.

    I was also thinking that the fuel pump is bad, since it doesn't pull fuel up into the filter. Has any one changed to an electric fuel pump? If so , which one?

    I know the engine will run. I put a little gas in the carb.

    Hope this makes sence!

    Thanks for any help and guidance.

    Yelm, WA

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    Bobcat fuel system

    Had the same problem. Depending on the age and condition of your machine it could be the fuel pick up hose (in the tank)has rotted off. I replaced mine with SS tubing and Swagelok fittings.


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      Could be fuel lines as stated but if it's the pump it's a simple swap. Check your oil level, if you overfill it has a tendency to take out the fuel pump.
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        Take it one step at a time using a spare gas tank (mower, tractor, small engine) and a chunk of fuel line of the correct diameter.
        • Disconnect line from fuel pump to carb and connect spare tank to carb. Hold tank above carb and confirm engine runs. Reconnect original line.
        • Connect line from tank to inlet of fuel pump. Hold tank above carb and it should run. Lower tank below fuel pump to ground level. If it quits, the pump is not working. If it keeps running, check the fuel line / filter and pickup.

        Last time mine quit, the suction hose within the tank had a crack in it. Would run fine on a full tank, but as soon as the fuel level dropped below 3/4 it would suck air and die.

        To replace the suction hose, I pried out the rubber grommet in the top of the tank and added a new length of fuel hose 3" longer than the depth of the tank.