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  • Hobart 1/16-7018

    Andy or any Miller rep:
    We asked our Airgas dist. for 1/16-7018.They told us it is only available in 1# packages and we had to buy it at a farm and home type store.
    Is there any way it can be obtained from our welding 10# or larger quantities? The rod is Hobart PN H119916-ROI. Thank you.


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    I raised this question, in the past, on the Hobart board so I can fill you in on the answer. I too found the 1/16 7018 at a retail store--in this case Harbor Freight. The package indeed was labeled as Hobart weld-it, but when I compared the 1/16 size to the Hobart filler catalog, I noted that they did not manufacture it in this size. The answer?? Well, the fillers labeled as Hobart Weld-It, and available in this case as 1/16, are actually made for Hobart by another electrode manufacturer who specializes in doing just that. They make electrodes for all kinds of companys and with all kinds of recipes. I was told that Hobart chooses this route for sales through their retail outlets. If you buy Hobart fillers from a welding dealer, they are made by Hobart. Hope this clarifies your question. Have you tried asking the retailer where you found the 1 pound packages whether or not they would order the 10 pound packages? They just might.



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      Heh Guys,

      Thanks for the information. I always thought 5/64" was the smallest diameter manufactured for the 7018. I bought 10lbs and spilled the tube once. There's a lot of little rods in a 10 lb tube.

      What type application are you using the 1/16" 7018 in? I have some 1/16" 6013 and have found them of great value for fast downhill verticals on 20 gauge sheet metal. They really minimize the burn through.