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Miller Airpak loses power to the shut-off solenoid?

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  • Miller Airpak loses power to the shut-off solenoid?

    I have a 1989 Miller Air pak (SN: JK657718). The unit has been running great, and I've gotten quite a bit of use out of it after replacing the PC1 board from my previous thread. But, it just started doing something today that has me stumped.

    The unit will fire right off and run fine when the ignition switch is in the start position. But, as soon as I return it to the run position the shut-off solenoid loses power and the unit shuts down. I've been trying to trace out the wiring schematic, but it sort of has me stumped. What are the connections that I need to check in between the ignition and the starter solenoid? The fuse next to the solenoid is fine, as the solenoid allows the unit to run when the ignition is in the start position.

    Also, the unit is building plenty of oil pressure and it is full of oil.

    Any ideas? Where should I start? I'm just trying to figure out where the connections are from the ignition to the solenoid, so I can isolate the bad connection.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!!

    ~Will Courtier~

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    AS I've reported on several occasions, the left side engine firewall to generator plug tends to have alot of corrosion, and thats the first place I would look at. Often I butt connect all these wires and toss that plug completely