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Need a new MIG welding gun?

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  • Need a new MIG welding gun?

    I've been out of welding for about 12yrs now but just started welding again for a buddy of mine. He has a new Miller 252 and a 350P I'm using the 350P. It came with a standard Miller MIG gun which was not in use when I got there. Not sure what happened to it but was told it was damaged. It has a Tweco classic. I don't like the Tweco it has an extra large trigger/2 fingers and seems bulky and heavy to me. The bigger trigger is way to easy to bump while handling or cleaning the nozzle. In plenty of situations its harder with the bigger trigger to let go at the end of a pass as quickly as I would like. Could some one please suggest some better MIG guns PLEASE?

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    Depends on what and how your welding, amps, duty cycle. I like the smaller M25 gun that comes standard on the 252. Its not rated for what the 350p is capable of but may fit the bill if your welding on lighter stuff. A Q series Bernard is a nice "heavier" gun that I like. I have the M25 and Q400. The Bernard stays on my feeder most of the time because I'm generally spraying on heavier stuff.
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      I picked up a new Bernard Q300 on eBay for a great price... It was actually an OEM gun for the MM 350P
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