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    Hi, I've just gotten into welding about a year ago thru a technical college WATC and so far i like it, never thought id even try welding. But i graduated highschool and just finished my second semester of welding. I passed my 2G MIG test just waiting on geting my card. i also have about a semester experience of TIG and stick welding, but i am trying to look for a welding job and well....not going any good, most of the jobs around Wichita, KS are looking for welders with 5+ years in mig,tig, stick etc. so where should i look as a entry level welder? i havent used a lot of power tools but i know how to use a grinder, sander, power drill, small stuff like that but not like a sheer or bigger stuff like that. Just seems hard to get experience in the welding field. If anybody could help me out and maybe give me some tips or maybe share how they got there first job or whatever. P.S. cant ask family members for friends to help me cause they dont know any.

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    I was lucky when I got into it. I've seen posts and heard of guys carrying samples of their work into fab/machine shops. Anything from tigged razor bladeds and soda cans to a small padded up cube. Leave the sample on the counter with a resume or application. Just be 100% sure you can back you sample up with their machine and equipment because the foreman may just very well call you up and give you a test.
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      I really don't have a clue. My son has been trying to get a job in a different type of work & running into the same issue. Most small shops by me have not hired in forever due to no expansion.

      When I started 30 yrs. ago jobs were plentiful & easy to get in on the ground floor. Once you were in you could show them what you can do. If you were good you moved up quickly.

      I guess you have to just keep on trying by researching the welding shops in your area & factories if there are any, to figure out which ones due the kind of work you are able to do. Then make visits in person with a resume in hand to drop off. Always have your gear in the car in case someone wants to give you a test on the spot.
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        Welcome to the forum.
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