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  • Stainless steel wire

    I have a Miller big Blue 500/c/cv with a 12vs wire feeder suitcase and am looking for a flux core stainless steel wire that I can use in all positions. Smallest I can go is .045" wire. I have been using 309L shieldbright(dual shield) in the shop and that works great, but looking for something I can use outside in all positions,thanx!

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    How do your like your 500CC/CV? I looked a them , but for multi-purpose business like I have, the Trailblazer or BIG 40 CC/CV are the only options. I went with the TB 301G and have been very happy so far. Sometimes I think I'd like to have the BIG 40 , but only have a 3/4 ton diesel long bed.

    Bohler welding makes some fantastic T1 flux cored SS wires. I don't have much call for such, but my buddy swears by their products.

    Bohler Thyssen Welding USA, Inc.
    Houston, TX
    281-499-1212 website
    [email protected] email