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Advice for a new welder (MM190/MM211)

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  • Advice for a new welder (MM190/MM211)

    I don't have a lot of experience so am looking for advice. My needs are: I don't need multi plug of 211, would be welding nothing heavier than 3/16 but usually 1/8 down to 18 ga. Would like to use .023 wire. Leaning towards 190 because of inverter which I understand gives a little more stable arc. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Consider duty cycle when you are buying a machine. For example a 30% duty cycle means that the welder is rated to weld at that output level for 3 minutes total out of a 10 minute period before requiring a break. At the 100% duty cycle output level of the machine it can perform constantly.

    Are both machines on the build with blue promo right now?
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      The MM211 is a proven design that got great reviews and had minimal problems. The MM190 is like buying a new car the first year, after they redesigned everything. No track record with the MM190. I would argue to go with the MM211 to ensure reliability. I would not go for the 190 unless the weight difference was important to me.
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