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Older CV Machine Problem

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  • Older CV Machine Problem

    The shop I'm working in now has some old Miller CP-200's set up for our flux core. I'm having trouble dialing it in because its a crank machine that sets open circuit voltage instead of closed. Is there a way I can determine what I'll be actually running at without watching the volt meter on the welder? I'd like to be able to set it exactly where I want it rather than guess 25 times until it runs right.

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    Hit the gun trigger, the volt meter will bounce to the preset you want


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      Is there a way to know without running practice beads though. My boss has been on me lately for testing how it runs before welding because it "slows down production"


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        Ahhh, you find a good setting for that wire and material, then with a felt marker put a line on the machine with a note so that you can remember it. otherwise I would not put up with a moron boss.