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12 rc feeder issues

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  • 12 rc feeder issues

    Hello I have had problems with my new 12rc that I'm runing on my trailblazer 325. Feeder runs on jog but not with the gun. Sent it back and when I got it again still not working. Was told by my lws that miller is having a problem with a board. Is this true? Thanks

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    Ok, so you have the feeder in mig, hit the trigger and start welding within 1 second. Right. Or are you waiting, cause the feeder, if it doesn't sence an arc will go back to jog unless you turn that function off.

    No miller does not have a problem, lws's say lots of stupid things!


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      Jumper out the gun trigger at the feeder, my be a gun trigger issue


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        Yes I tried a jumper also tried my other gun and it does not work we have another feeder in the shop and it works fine so not sure if when it went back it got fixed or not maybe they just send it back and did not fix it but was told it was a bad board


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          Possibly a failed control cable, did it go with the feeder when you sent it back?


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            Got my feeder back today. They told me it was the board. I tried it on the shop xmt and works fine now. Will try on trailblazer tomarow. Thanks for all your help.