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Help with AlumaPro, Arc than nothing.....

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  • Help with AlumaPro, Arc than nothing.....

    Have a new 350 AlumaPro system and the machine is awesome, or has been awesome until it stopped working. The unit is only 2 months old it is used quite a bit, but is well taken care of. Hoping it is something easy. All was working well when I was running some tacks on a large project. Moved to the front of the project and all it would do is arc briefly than nothing. The feeder and push pull would continue to feed, but no arc. Seemed like a bad ground, so I checked everything, moved the ground closer (large project) and no improvement. I continued to troubleshoot as set up on a small piece of aluminum and moved the ground to the same piece and still nothing. Got out the multimeter and pinned out the push pull gun and all looks good. I need this machine running again ASAP, any thoughts?