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bobcat as whole house generator?

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    Bobcat 225 as generator

    I use my Bobcat 225 as a emergency power source for the house loads.. Works great.. I bought it with the LP Gas option since propane can essentially store forever... and you don't have to worry about the carburetor gumming up from gasoline. Uses fork lift style wet feed tanks...

    My era (late 1990s) Bobcat is LOUD.. but I live in the country with no close neighbors to complain about noise, so not a problem. The newer models have much more sound proofing...

    I've pretty much standardized the loads I put on the generator and loaded the individual legs to keep them reasonably balanced.

    The mechanical govenor is very good on this unit in terms of keeping the frequency output correct. Using a high quality DVM to measure frequency, I tweaked the governor setting to keep the frequency output centered around 60hertz.. With no load it is running at 61 hertz, fully loaded drops to 59 hertz.. Quite good.. good enough to run ferro-resonant design UPS systems which are quite finicky about frequency input.

    I did design and installation of commercial power systems (generators and UPS systems) for about 10 years.. To get any better frequency accuracy you would need to move into generators with electronically controlled governors that precisely measure frequency output and tweak engine speeds accordingly. Working on the commercial systems is where I got the idea to use propane.. All the systems we installed were either LP or natural gas powered.. Many commercial site owners do not want diesel fuel storage tanks around due to the risk and liability of a leak.

    Long term diesel fuel storage can have it's own problems, especially if the tanks are not kept totally full to minimize surface area of fuel exposure to the atmosphere.
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