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welding hastelloy C22 to 304L or 316L stainless steel

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  • Showdog75
    We make that weld with ErNiCrMo-3, sometimes just ErNiCr-3 without the moly.

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  • FusionKing
    You need to call your filler mfg direct. They should hook you up directly with an engineer. If not contact a different filler mfg and ask the same questions.
    This should be really simple actually.
    But few people would give a recommendation unless they had specifically welded this particular application before.
    When or if you get your answer......please post it here.
    Thanks HTH

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  • welding hastelloy C22 to 304L or 316L stainless steel

    We are undertaking a product development project that welds .75dia x .19thk inserts into stainless steel and then machining a precision o-ring seal in the hastelloy. Our current intention is to machine a 30 degree bevel on the stainless counter bore that will nest the inserts. We have extensive stainless experience and some orbital welding of Hastelloy C22 tubing, but no hands on experience of C22 to stainless. Can anyone provide recommendations process paramenters including filler rod?

    Big thanks,