Hello, I'm having trouble getting a Hobart Spoolrunner 100 to run properly with a Millermatic 212 (serial # LH351265B). Before anyone states the obvious, yes I'm aware they are not interchangeable out of the box. We had a spare sitting in our shop that I wanted to put to use, and it was my understanding that the Hobart Spoolrunner 100 and Miller Spoolmate 100 are nearly identical. I've modified the cables on the spoolgun to hookup correctly. The gas is hooked up and the trigger works and will trigger the gas solenoid and spark a good arc. The problem is getting the wire speed consistent, it's all over the place. Looking into the problem, the voltage to the motor in the spool gun is jumping all around. At the lowest wire speed setting on the Millermatic 212, the DC voltage to the spool gun motor is pulsing from roughly 2V to 9V when the trigger has been pressed. This leads to wildly erratic wire speed. I've tested the motor independently, with an external power brick, it works fine. The regular MIG gun works just fine, the DC voltage to the drive motor in the machine sees roughly 2V at the lowest setting, and increases consistently as the wire speed adjuster is turned, just as it should. Any experts out there know what's going on? Have I missed something obvious? Or is something on the control board screwed up? Thanks for the help.