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    In an effort to save space, I'm am planning to make a combination cart to hold my air compressor, arc welder and mig welder. (Also possibly a bench grinder and vice). It will be made of box steel tubing and steel plate put on casters for mobility. I thought about putting a 1/4" plate steel top on it and use this as a welding bench. If I have a project to weld sitting on this metal top, will this cause me electrical problems with my electric tools on the cart? I certainly don't want to fry my equipment. Thanks.

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    I don't believe that I would want to be grinding that close to my welders or the air compressor. The fans in the welders and the filter in the compressor motor will suck all that grinding dust up.

    If you have the space, build a cart for your welders and a welding/work bench to work on. If you put casters on your work bench, use the lockable kind. It gets kind of frustrating when your bench rolls around while your trying to weld.

    I would put my compressor in a corner or somewhere out of the way and use a longer hose. Compressor noise is bad enough when it's across the room.


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      I have my air compressor in a corner of my shop away from everything else. The same is true of my grinders. My welding tables (stationary and roll around)are within reach of my welding leads and/or welding torches (MIG/TIG). My welders are also a good 10+ feet from my work table or cart area.

      Like James said keep all the grinding dust and other trash in the air away from your welders. I once sucked up some shredded papers into my XMT304. I was working in a paper processing plant. There was no damage, but could have been. It shut me down for about 20 minutes. These welder cooling fans will suck all kinds of atmospheric trash in. Even though Miller's "Fan On Demand" and "Wind Tunnel Technology" are great helpers still keep your welding area clean.

      If at all possible cut and grind outside or near an exhaust vent to the outside. All this trash floating in the air is also landing in your lungs.


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        Unless one of your portable power tools inadvertently becomes part of your welding current path, you won't have any problems.

        As for parking all of that stuff in the same place, I agree with James and Hawk - it's not good for the hardware. The only way I'd consider doing something like that would be to have everything enclosed when it isn't in use, like doors or something to keep the crap out, but that sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

        I don't have a major space problem, but I do have a lot of large stuff with both my wood shop and the welding operation in the same no-car garage, so I have it all on casters except the air pump. Seems to work OK to stick it all in a corner away from where I'm working 'till I need it.

        Good luck.

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