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New guy with Invision 354 problem

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  • New guy with Invision 354 problem

    Well to keep this short, I am a new guy to the forum. I am just a hobbyist with a complex shop, I like to build and do whatever I can, as well as teach. I am currently working on teaching veterans and certifying them for no charge at all. As I do this all on disability form the Army and am a full time Engineering student buying something brand new is out of the question. I am stuck looking for something used. I found this machine and have used one like it in the past. My problem, I had a XMT300 that decided to crap out. I am looking for a replacement and I just found a Invision 354 for sale locally. The seller states the following:"Machine needs work. No voltage or amperage adjustment on 440 volts. Could maybe switch polarities to 220 to work (not sure). "Is there anyone out there that thinks they know what the problem is, or does this sound like a super expensive fix and not worth it? The last thing I want to do is to go there and start to get the machine to work only for the seller to give me the "thanks for getting it working" and the NEW price. Is this a setting issue? or is it a board issue?"Thanks Again!

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    Guessing a 354 MP. Older machine. yes its a front board issue, only board that does not display and error out. I suppose if the machine is dirt cheap then yes, as that board is around the $800 mark . part #213145


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      The guy is asking 600, I do not know how old it is. I just dont want to miss out on a chance to get a replacement machine when it can be something as simple as voltage in, or settings as a problem. This is the machine:


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        I certainly would not pay $600 for a machine that did not work. what is the serial#. NOT going to be a simple no cost fix...


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          well he wants 600, but he won't get that much. I do not have a SN yet, I will get it tonight if I go look at it.


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            Shep not to get involved in your business, but in case you don't know cruizer is a miller technician....... my advice is listen to his input .Helped me a ton and never met the man!!!!lol



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              Yeah I kinda figured he knew his stuff from seeing his posts before. I talked to the guy that has the welder and he told me he had it checked by a welder repair shop and they told him it needs a new main PC. I cant afford a new welder, but I REALLY can't afford to buy a broken welder in the hopes I can fix it. I will for sure let this one slip by. Back to the classifieds I guess.