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Miller 200 AEAD will not idle up help pleas

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  • Miller 200 AEAD will not idle up help pleas

    I just got this machine runs good welds but will not idle up. I started looking at things and the idle switch only has one wire running off of it is this correct? And if some has pictures of the idle board while connected and the idle switch they could post that would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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    There is olnly like 15 AEAD circuit diagrams.... Serial#


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      model ccka-ms/36700

      serial # c790398437


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        Unsure what model your machine really is. never the less, yes, the power/weld switch has 2 wires, 1 to chassis and the other to Switch S1


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          OK diaghram on the internet that seems to be it hooked up a ground tested the switch it works but still will not idle up. Should i just buy a aftermarket idle board from weldmart? Also tested idle seloinoid and it does retract. Any information on what other parts to test i have neber tested a circut board so i do not no how to go about the idle board test.


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            There is a couple boards on the side of the machine, one has a fingered heat sink with 2 small SCR's. One of those scrs is blown. Think they are To220 8 amp 200 volt units. Just replace those. you can get them from:


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              Ok thank you and i gave you the engine serial number the welder SN#HK264071