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Drying 7018 stick electrodes

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  • Drying 7018 stick electrodes

    I have a bit of stick welding to do w/ my Dynasty and noticed that my 7018 welds look real nice but have an unusual amount of pinholes.

    The rod is quite old (2 yrs?) but always kept inside in Tucson and now Santa Fe.

    I'm suspecting that it is moisture in the rod, but wondering if it is something else (oily stock,...).

    I have heard that 7018 is more of the more sensitive rods and has a short shelf life.

    Assuming it is a little on the wet side, I was thinking about putting the bunch on some foil in the oven at 250 for about an hour.

    Any suggestions/comments?
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    It sounds like your rods are trash bound. The pin holes usually indicate the flux is degrading. If you want to attempt to dry them the oven will work, but leave the rods exposed so moisture can escape. Lay them on the foil without wrapping them up. You can also put them on a single layer in an old baking pan and place a good hot flood lamp over them for a few hours indoors.

    The 7018 low hydrogen rod will absorb 80% of all the moisture it can in a 24 hour period after opening the tube. If you want to keep 10 lbs dry after opening, make a small oven. Use an old ice cooler-not styrofoam!!! Insert a 40 watt bulb or small heat lamp. In go the rods, down goes the lid. Don't laugh it works well. No you probably won't certify with rods dryed and maintained like this, but they will run a nice bead and serve the purpose.


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      If you have a lot of rods to keep dry I've used an old refrigerator in the past. I take the door switch out and wire it so the light comes on all of the time, remove as much plastic as possible from the inside of the refrig like the plastic around the bulb, crisper drawer & etc... . Put a 100 watt light bulb in the fridge and close the door it'll stay nice and warm in there. I usually put a new box of rods in there before I open them and let them get warm before opening. I keep all of my electrodes in there even the 6011's and 6013's, 7018, 8018, all of my stainless rods and when I need them to weld with they're nice and dry and ready to use when I need them.

      Hope this helps

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