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Need a new motor Millermatic 130

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  • Need a new motor Millermatic 130

    After many tests that seemed to fail, and a few replacement parts that did not cure the ailment, I need a motor.
    The problem was the motor would not operate unless the dial was 80 or above on the rheostat on tap 1. Tap 4 I could get it as low 70 but then it would stop. The folks at Miller tech which BTW are off the charts fantastic had walked me through several tests which were...
    checked the relay, replaced.
    checked the rheostat , replaced.

    This did not change anything. I read somewhere somebody suggested letting the motor run for a long time and see if that would help. I let it run for 20 mins and **** if it didn't work better. I was able to dial tap 4 down to 28 and still get a turning motor. However going back the next day proved same thing happening.

    I took apart the motor to clean up and what I found was two of the inside magnets were no longer stuck to the wall of the tube. The glue used to hold two of the four magnets had deteriorated and therefore was creating a weak connection. Only when a lot of juice with the rheostat dialed up would the motor turn.
    Well I cleaned it all up and put some glue back on the magnets and placed them back in. The one magnet I got a little offset and the glue I used sets up n about 5 seconds so that was that. It isnt too terribly offset so I put it all back together and then would not turn. I took back apart many times and back together and then finally on a 12 volt power supply I was able to get it to turn. I only let it run for about 15 seconds or so then it just stopped. I could smell something at that point as well. Now it won't turn anymore no matter the power supply. Yes when I take it back apart I can make the gears turn it just won't do it under power now. So apparently something happened there that burned something in the motor. So after all the testing and chasing of the tail I finally figure out what was wrong but now through trying to fix it I believe I burned the motor up.

    Those motors are rather ignorant in price so is there anyone that knows of any place that I could get a rebuilt motor or would rebuild mine??? I can't afford a new motor at this point but I can't be down a welder too. The part number on that motor is 173 446

    Any answers here will be greatly appreciated.


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    Nobody know of any source for a rebuilt motor? Come on. Or a source for a new motor that isn't nirth of $200.


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      Originally posted by xcursion88 View Post
      Nobody know of any source for a rebuilt motor? Come on. Or a source for a new motor that isn't nirth of $200.
      180 bucks.
      Bob Wright