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any one own a TW PULSER?

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    This is no biggie here,
    Since you talked to victor and they responded you need to contact them again and ask to talk to the service tech dept cause all the thermal arc welders i have , have the schematic you want in the SERVICE MANUAL not the owners manual.
    If you still cant get the service manual for the pulse unit then the work around would be yoU get the SERVICE MANUAL FOR THE Tigwave 250 AC/DC Tigwave 350 AC/DC - now that you have finally provided the model or ask whoever you contacted for the cable with the 10 and 8 pin connectors is available- to ask if there is a schematic for the cable in the cable pack as you want to double check the cable pin connectors to the wiring. Its a start to where you want to go.
    Victor aslo has a site that you can download the owners and service manuals for their discontinued products- use google to find it,
    Be warned that the site lists all the models and its not in alphabetical order so you have to search 1 by one to get the serial# or year of your machine to know you have the right one. Post back with what you find but the service manuals always have the schematic especially for the connector plugs
    Hope this helps


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      Thanks for posting up that pdf manual,
      Its describes the tw pulser the OP has as a PENDANT and from the parts list in the manual it show 2 slightly different part numbers indicating two models or either an earlier or later model.
      If the OP can talk to the service tech and provide the tech with the part # or pendant #, the tech would be able to start cross referencing internal company lists to point him to the service manual or cable wiring page that deals with connecting the cable to the pin connector because very rarely a company would create an accessory like what the OP HAS and only use it for 1 model only, if you see where i'm going with this