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idle issues Trailblazer 250 G

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  • idle issues Trailblazer 250 G

    Hello this is my first time here hoping to find some answers I have a 250 G trailblazer with an onan p22 it runs fine in high idle but when I switch it to low it dies. I have cleaned the carb and checked to see if there was a vacuum leak at the fuel pump and made sure the plugs and wires were good along with the fuel filter. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks

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    Low oil, lack of oil pressure, too low of idle. with a meter that reads frequency (HZ) and probes in the 120 Vac terminals, engine should be adjusted at 44HZ low and 62.5hz high.


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      i have a bocat 250 with a carb it was running fine at high idol but when it went down to low idol it sputtered and sounded like it was gonna shut off it turned out to be the choke cable. over the years bing out in the weather the choke knob had a wear spot on it where it satyed all the time then one day without noticing i pushed the knob all the way in and that's what was causing it to sputter i pulled the knob out just a hair and thats when i seen the mark on the rod connecting the choke cable so i put it even with the mark and it ran fine.don't know if this helps you but figured i might let you know.


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        Should NOT have been "running fine" at high idle either. lots of black smoke. We can give you all the answers, we think the problem should be, but you should be expected to at least look for the simple stuff first. We look through diagram after diagram to "TRY" to help you. A stuck choke does not factor into our troubleshooting.
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          choke wasn't stuck it was just pushed in to far.