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Maxstar STll 150 Wont come on

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  • Maxstar STll 150 Wont come on

    We got a Maxstar with serial number LE120239M and it will not come on, no LED lights. The manual is dated 2003, the guy we got it from says he used it twice, briefly and it looks like he is telling the truth. It is very clean ,inside and out, looks new. While we had the covers off, we checked and it is getting voltage, to and out of the on/off switch. There are no brown or black spots anywhere inside, all the transformers and printed circuit boards look perfect and clean nothing burned. Any suggestions?

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    Is really getting input voltage..... like I don't want any voltage to ground BS. I want a real line to line test....

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      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      hello? is anyone here? is this thing on?


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        Huh, the blue light would be on if you were getting voltage, Even if everything inside was roasted.

        Unknown what the above post means, but if its something derogatory, you've lost my help....


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          No weld output; unit completely inop- erative; ready light (LED) Off.
          Place line disconnect switch in On position.
          Check and replace line fuse(s), if necessary, or reset circuit breaker.
          Be sure power cord is plugged in and that receptacle is receiving input power.
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            Originally posted by bwayne View Post
            hello? is anyone here? is this thing on?
            Now it's his computer Or is it him talking to his welder ?


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              For those in the future who read this thread looking for solutions: We made up an adapter so we could plug into 220 volts and all the lights came on....the stick welder works and the TIG works. We tried again on 110 and nothing works there but the 220V welder works, so we are happy