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Miller suitcase 12 vs problems

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  • Miller suitcase 12 vs problems

    We have 2 miller suitcase 12 vs. Both are having feeder issues, both have Bernard Q guns and we are using .45 innersheild wire. One problem we have is one feeder the drive gears look like they have bent some how and are wobbling as they turn. My question is what could have caused this? Next issue with both feeders is they both feed sporatic and do not have a consistent flow of wire. New drive rollers, new liners and tips in both. I can understand why one would be sporatic with it having bent drive gear assembly but not the other one. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Has anyone adjusted the tension on the drive rollers ?
    Maybe it's not tight enough , hence the wire is slipping ?

    Just a guess .



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      Usually crap in the teeth of the drive gear, makes the others bounce around


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        Ended up changing the drive gears on one and new rollers and it seems to have solved the issue on it. The other has been checked out rollers etc and still have a sporatic feed issue.