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'72 AEAD 200LE Generator Not Working

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  • '72 AEAD 200LE Generator Not Working

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum! I just picked up an older (1972) AEAD 200LE gas drive welder at an estate sale without knowing if it ran and today I changed the oil and spark plugs, hooked up a battery and it fired up! It ran pretty good considering it has probably sat for 10+ years. I ran a few beads with some 6010 rods on DC, they came out good, then I stopped the machine to check the oil again and flip the switch from WELD TO POWER, turned it back on, moved the throttle to the 1800RPM setting and plugged in an angle grinder- it ran very good! I stopped it again and turned it back to weld and ran a few more beads then the carb started acting funny- it was running a little lean so I choked it a little, Welded again fine, swapped back to the generator and it would not do anything for my angle grinder, I put a multi meter in the 115v socket and it would not register anything for AC volts. I am stumped....It was working fine but now it welds just fine but will not function as a generator anymore

    Edit: I did remember to move the switch from WELD to POWER.