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Big AG 300 welder

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  • Big AG 300 welder

    I just purchased a Acklands Grainger welder that need some help, I'm told these were made by Miller
    anyway what I am looking for is the exciter housing on rear of welder (I think that is what it is) it's made of aluminium and has crystalized over the years. I would like to replace it if anyone knows where I could get one it would be much appreciated
    as soon as I figure out how to add a pic I will

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    Its a Miller Big 40G, unfortunately, there is like 17 styles of the Big 40G, so helping you may be a problem without a freaken serial #. Never the less, are you talking about the end bell? Is yours just corroded. cause that could be cleaned, or is it broken. Or am I completely out to lunch part wise....
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