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Detached garage ~110 Ft. away. Dynasty 200dx Voltage drop a issue with SOOW cord?

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    Originally posted by Outdoort View Post
    Also. I'm planning on buying a miller 211 mig welder and a hypotherm 45 in the future. Both those machines will draw 30 amps or less I'm pretty sure, so I don't think that changes much for me?

    Alright I guess I might just buy some 10 gauge SJ00W cord and save some bucks. The price on this stuff really increases jumping up to 8 gauge.
    You gonna need something that makes air for the Plasma cutter.
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      I use a 10ga 100ft extension cord on 240v made from SO cable all the time for the Dynasty and the Power Mig 180. No hiccups. Do not wire the extension cord directly into the box.

      I had a 30ft section of 6ga SO wired into a junction box in my shop at home so I could bring my outlet to the work. I had a break-in by the meth heads with lots of tools lost, etc. About 2 days after that happened, I learned the hard way that they hacked off my "remote outlet" to scrap it for drug money. I was so focused on the missing tools, air compressor, saw, etc, that I didn't notice the cable was not coiled on the wall. I flipped the breaker for the welding circuit (which is in the house and was always turned off when not in use), grabbed a drink from the refrigerator, and walked calmly toward the shop. I saw billowing dark smoke as I rounded the corner. It burned to the ground, aided by a venting oxyacetelene setup. I lost about $20,000 of stuff that wasn't covered by insurance. All so a meth head could get ten dollars of scrap to feed their habit.

      So - don't permanently wire an extension cord into a box even if you are "smarter than the code" as I was. People who are "dumber than the code" will almost certainly come along. And there's a little clause in most homeowners and renters insurance policies stating that they "exclude any loss resulting from improper workmanship or materials" ie an electric code violation. Ask me how I learned that and I'll tell you "the hard way."

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        Apples and oranges but I use a ~72' extension cord with my 200DX, but it was originally a 415V 50A cord (I rewired it to suit my socket/welder with 32A connections). According to the spec sheet I've got a huge safety margin.

        Like someone else said, I spent big money on the wall socket in order to make sure I had a more than sufficient supply for my $$ machine. No point hamstringing it.


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          Brocolli gave you a cheaper chord to run, you don't need 600 volt cable in your situation, So take his advise.

          #2 Don't steal your neighbors power, we already have enough scum bags in this world.

          #3 Chances are, your landlord is a good dude to let you do this and to say he would help is a good thing, Make good relations and do it the right way and do a buried cable, in the event you don't take my advise, All the guys here have given good advise.


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            Just a update in case anyone is wondering. Thanks for all the replies so far. Me and my girl actually found a new place to rent with a nice garage and were planning on moving in dec 1st.

            So this means that no need to run this extension cord as soon il have a garage with proper power. And no stealing power lol. Im really excited too cuz i really havent used this welder much at all and it kinda blows spending all that money without even being able to use it.

            Also just a heads up on this soow cord. Not sure what prices u guys are paying for this stuff but i seemed to find a real good deal at my local greybar electrical supplier.

            They quoted me 150 bucks for 125' of soow 10/3. $160 for 125' of sjoow 10/3 (guy said he could give me a better deal for soow cuz he had a few hundred feet in stock. And $225 for 125' of soow 8/3.

            seems better than prices ive seen online.
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              When the biggest distributor in the country sells it for a given price it isn't a great price, it's a fair price, or correct price.
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