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Replacing power cable on new welder (do or don't?)

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  • Replacing power cable on new welder (do or don't?)

    I have a brand new miller 252 that I'm itching to use. Im in the middle of switching over my outlets from nema 14-50 to 6-50 and my welder won't reach my work area with the factory power cord... I purchased all the stuff to make a floating box on a 25' - 6/3 rubber cable so I can move the welder around the garage.

    My question is, can I open up the side pannel on my brand new welder and swap the cable to the 25' cable I purchased or will this negatively effect my warranty in any way/shape or form?

    I'm not 100% sold on the idea of having a box sitting in the middle of the room in a cramped work area. So I thought it would make more sense to put a longer cable on the actual welder to eleminate the extra connections involved with the extension to a floating box idea.

    Thanks for any help.