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1990 Blue Charger wont weld or create power

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  • 1990 Blue Charger wont weld or create power

    Hello, I recently purchased two 1990 Blue Chargers. The one welds and provides aux power perfectly, but the other one runs like a top, but wont arc even the smallest amount, or create any aux power. The fine adjustment knob is also stuck. For the price, I couldn't leave it there, the motor itself and spare parts was worth much more than I paid for it. I would like to get it running, but if its going to be a lost cause, I'm also ok with that. I have not tore into it at all yet, but I am definitely open to any suggestions or help that anybody can give me. Also, does anyone know where new face plates can be found for these? I can get by with putting labels on them, but it looks out of place on a machines in such nice shape. Thanks!