Our shop recently purchased a brand new Miller Spectrum 625 X-treme plasma cutter and we've run into a problem. Out of the box it worked perfectly for 2 days until we realised that the compressor we hooked it up to hadn't been properly drained. We opened it up, drained the filter and purged the compressor feed line as best we could (the filter appeared brown, possibly from rust inside the compressor).
After putting it back together and draining the compressor, it worked fine the rest of the day. But when we came back in the next morning we ran into this problem: We would power on the cutter, the orange/yellow temp light turns on and stays on, but it won't arc or allow air to move through the line.

Has anyone else dealt with a similar issue or know of a way to test/fix this issue? The machine isn't overheating so I'm wondering if the temp light coming on is highlighting some other error, I've yet to find anything that would hint towards that.

Thanks in advance for the help!