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Wire feeder with Maxstar 200?

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  • Wire feeder with Maxstar 200?

    I am very interested in having the ability to both tig(gtaw) and mig(gmaw)
    welding on the same machine, however, portability, wide range of voltage input, and to a lesser extent, cash are constrants of mine.

    I'm interested in the Maxstar 200 since it seems to cover most of my constraints, except the ability to to mig(gmaw)(I'll never use flux core).

    My Question:
    Is there any reason why I would not want to hook up a wire feeder to the
    Maxstar 200 so I could do MIG (GMAW)? ?

    Have any of you tried this? If so, how were your results?

    If this is not possible, can any of you recommend a setup that might do everything I need?


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    It won't work.
    The Maxstar is a Constant Current power supply and MIG requires a Contant Voltage power unit.
    There are a few "voltage sensing" feeders you can get to use on some CC machines but in this case it wouldn't work.
    You would be better off with an XMT304 that can switch between CC and CV.



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      Andy is right. I owned an XMT304. This machine has one of the cleanest easiest burning arcs in all processes including MIG and TIG.
      As long as AC for TIG is no problem, one of the XMT machines is the way to go.


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        I assumed the AC wouldn't be a problem 'cause you were interested in the Maxstar. If Aluminum TIG was a concern, You would be better off purchasing 2 seperate units. It would end up cheaper in the long run 'cause you would still need all the accessories to complete an XMT set up.


        list prices.
        XMT 304 $3534.00
        22A Feeder $1157.00
        contractor torch accy kit $625
        Hf251D-1 $893.00 (High Freq starter) You can eliminate this if using touch start but you lose electronic gas control and would have to get a torch with a manual valve.

        TOTAL $6209.00

        Dynasty 200 DX $2880.00
        cont torch kit $625.00
        MillerMatic 210 $1449.00

        TOTAL $4954.00

        I think it's better to go this way!
        Hope this helps.