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self shield flux core from trailblazer 325

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  • self shield flux core from trailblazer 325

    just got machine and I had an 8RC.....trying to get fabshield 21b luck at all.......then....

    it seems that I have to manually change the leads to get this true?? i wont be home til later to try...

    I thought the process switch in remote flux core did it....have RC feeder

    i used to have a bobcat and trailblazer 301g with the big lever for DCEN....

    the book dont tell me anything....

    so, is it true I have to switch the leads???????.....ive been messin for hours and 3 different kinds of self shield wire....

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    Self shielded then yes, you have to reverse the cables. No magic power is going to do this for you. So Neg to the feeder and pos to work.


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      yes.......thats what it was.....thought the process knob did it....