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Syncrowave 250 power hungry?

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  • Syncrowave 250 power hungry?

    I was going to buy Syncrowave 250 until I read reviews saying it's power hungry, but how hungry? I want to know what to expect on my electricity bill and if I should look for a different welder.


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    Not sure how much it will affect your electric bill but how much will you actually be using it. How much arc time & at what amps? At idle they draw very few amps unless it has PFC.

    The power hungry comments are made because the Syncro 250 is recommended to be run on a 100 amp circuit to get the maximum output from it. If you are running it at the higher end for long periods you will need that size circuit. If you are only doing occasional welding & only some of that is at higher amps then you can get away with a 50 or 60 amp circuit. A lot of home owners run it like that. For most hobby welders they won't notice anything in their electric bill.
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      home vs business billing...

      Homes do not get billed for spikes in electical uses. Business do. Thats where the cost comes. For example i used my xmt304 at nearly max power for 3 weeks straight and my bill was the same. If your really curious then do the add up the kilowatts used and apply your rate.
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        If you're pulling 80 amps at 240v which would be typical for welding at higher range, you're using 19.2 kWh every sixty minutes of arc time. Suppose you get in an hour of arc time in one day and you weld 10 days in a month. 192kWh in a month. At 10¢ per kWH, that's just under $20 a month. If you live in New York, it's around 20¢/kWh so $40 a month. If you live in Hawaii, it's more like 30¢/kWh, so $60 a month. A Dynasty would use about 1/3rd of this. The more you weld, the greater your energy savings would be.

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          10 hrs arc on in a month would be huge for a home brew operation,,, you will never notice some use on the bill.