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Flex-Loc Hotter Than WP20

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  • Flex-Loc Hotter Than WP20

    My Dynasty 200 DX came with a WP20 torch.

    I purchased a CK Worldwide Flex-Loc (and CK's dinse conn and hoses).

    There must be something different about the coolant channels because the Flex-Loc is way hotter than the WP20. I could almost (not quite) hold the WP20 by the cup but I can't get close to it on the Flex-Loc.

    Testing all things equal; same gloves, same amperage, same electrode, same gas lens, both 25' hoses, etc.

    Anyone else notice this?
    Miller 211 AutoSet
    Miller Dynasty 200 DX
    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42

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    the flex-lok doesn't have coolant running thru the head of the torch like a normal WP20 does. The Flex-lok only has coolant running thru the handle. The flex=lok torch head is cooled by heat transfer into the air and by conductive heat transfer between the metal mating surface on the torch head and corresponding metal mating surface on the torch handle.