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Which Syncrowave 250 and millermatic to get?

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  • Which Syncrowave 250 and millermatic to get?

    I've been looking at used water-cooled Syncrowave 250s to buy for stick and TIG, and used Millermatics (200, 251, or 252?) for MIG. There are so many different kinds of both machines I get paralyzed because I don't want to buy a lemon. I was told Millermatic 250 is junk which I didn't know before. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

    I'm halfway through metal fab school.
    I want to start experiment building/repairing industrial style furniture, gym equipment, autobody, crafts, trailers, etc. until I find a niche for business.

    Many thanks
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    I use the Millermatic 200 and it's an amazing machine. It has a high duty cycle and I don't think I have ever had to stop welding because of it.


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      Millermatic 250 is not junk, although it is probably the least desirable of the millermatics. I would look for a mm200 or a mm251 but any of them will be a good welder. FYI - the Millermatic 200 is a 250 amp machine. Note that the "MM" does not mean the newer multi-matic machines.

      Syncrowave 250 is a very good machine although they are power hungry. They are supposed to be wired to a 100 amp circuit but many homeowners get away with a 50 or 60amp circuit because they are not pushing the limits of the machine. I would look for one that doesn't have the built in cooler as I have heard of issues with them but I have no personal experience with this issue.
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