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Bobcat 225G plus wont idle??? HELP PLEASE????

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  • Bobcat 225G plus wont idle??? HELP PLEASE????

    I have a bobcat 225G plus that runs great at high speed but here recently it will idle for a few minutes then cut off. Now it’s to the point where it instantly cuts off when coming down from high speed. I see the solenoid pull in and I think that’s cutting it off.... Not sure where to start.... High speed runs and welds fine so I have been just using at high speed only. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Likely a pooched idle module.


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      how would i troubleshoot that?



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        try to google it, miller bobcat 225g idle module. it seems to be common, many threads on that.


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          I have checked carb and seems to be has changed over the course of a few months also... so a month ago when welding it would go back to idle and run for a few minutes then cut off. A few weeks ago i was using it and it went back to idle and ran at idle for 30 mins or so and had no issues all day. A few days ago it will now come off fast speed and immediately shut off. It doesn’t try to run or anything just as its slowing down from fast continues to stop. Have thought maybe oil switch? I haven’t changed oil in a while but I don’t use often. Only has 377 hours on it. Thanks