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Feeding question model millermatic 130

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  • Feeding question model millermatic 130

    Hello everyone and nice forumI just picked up a Millermatic 130 but one of the concerns I have is the feeding dial while using flux core will only feed wire if it is set at 75-80 and up. Any lower setting and it will not feed. It does click but it will not push the wire up the liner. Turn it up to 75-80 or more and it feeds. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I have blown out the liner and seems to be clear.

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    Well, the wire speed is directly related to output voltage, so if that is really low, your going to have problems driving the wire, also make sure that the voltage knob is not inbetween ranges. That seems to be a popular problem.


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      amps is related to the wire speed, not voltage


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        Originally posted by kevin View Post
        amps is related to the wire speed, not voltage
        "Technically speaking" Internally, the wirespeed is set off the output Volts DC, geez

        NOT TALKING about output amperage, we are talking about wire drive feed....


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          If your tension is too tight while using knurled rollers, it will leave large indentations in the wire that make it bind in the gun. A new liner, contact tip, and adjusting the feed tension lighter, as well as letting off some of your spool drag would probably be a real shot in the arm.

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            update where I am at now

            I checked the ohms on the wire speed dial(rheostat) and it is consistent with no drop off or cut out. 0-16 ohms,,so that looks good.

            I then checked the voltage at the motor. here lies a problem

            when I set it on Tap 1 with minimum wire speed I should see 14 volts or there of. I see about 1.5 volts or nothing of note.

            When I set it on Tap 4 with maximum wire speed on the dial, I see 28-29 volts. Which is right on spec of the voltage I should see with tap 4 and max wire speed.

            So something is not getting the proper voltage to the motor. The next thing according to one of the tech guys at Miller is the clear box relay.

            I did find it interesting that on two different days of speaking with tech guys from Miller, a different one on each day, their opinions varied rather greatly... on their suspicion of the problem.

            Day one tech guy (a) said look at the wire feed dial and ohm it out. If it is good then the relay is bad (clear box) The motor is probably good as these little motors are solid and full of tourque

            Day two tech guy ( b) says if the wire feed dial checked out it probably is not the clear box relay but probably the motor. He doubts it is the clear box relay and is inclined to blame the motor because ....well you get my point.

            regardless I do not have good voltage coming to the motor on the lower settings (TAP 1 minimum wire speed) At this point it appears the relay in the clear box could be the issue just as tech guy (A) had said.

            I will give them a call tomorrow and let them aware of my findings to this point. If anyone has any suggestions on any other things of possible issue here sending power of lack of it to the motor, please let me know.



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              Originally posted by cruizer View Post
              "Technically speaking" Internally, the wirespeed is set off the output Volts DC, geez

              NOT TALKING about output amperage, we are talking about wire drive feed....
              geez lu eeze, this guy is just starting out, dont over answer a simple question


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                Have you replaced the gun liner yet?, got the right contact tip and drive rolls in? I had to open up the gear box on mine and regrease it, as it was causing drive issues. Do the rolls turn at the lower setting with the drive rolls open?