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    I'm a fairly novice welder with a new bobcat 250. Using 7018 1/8" rod I can put down a nice bead, but still seem to be overpenetrating even at the lowest amperage settings I can put the machine on. I know the farther you pull your rod back the higher voltage/penetration, so I've been keeping my rod close (even feel like i'm rubbing the metal). Any advice? I've heard that new machines can ''be really hot, but they'll cool down", any truth to that?
    Thanks for your help

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    What amp settings and what material are you working with?


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        Anywhere from 1/8-1/4" steel


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          Too big of rod for such small material would be my guess, 3/32 will be better. 1/8 rod 7018 has a min of 110 amps, ( erratic burn on anything less) Likely burn through 1/8" material.


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            OK thanks! I'll try some thinner rod. I guess I was just confused to be welding on 1/4" material with 7018 and having the welder on the absolute lowest settings and still over penetrate... And anytime I change metal thickness or even rod to 6011 I have to keep it on the lowest settings, instead of adjusting to the suggested settings for that material/rod per Miller's suggested settings.


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              Get a clamp-on DC ammeter to see what your actual output current is at a given dial setting. It might be far from what you think. You don't even have to look at it while you're welding. You can just hold it in your non-dominant hand and press the data-hold button while you're running a bead. Or you can have a helper read it.

              This is a very versatile meter:
              Designed by electricians for electricians, this Klein Tools Clamp Meter measures both AC and DC currents up to 400 amps with accurate True RMS readings. It also measures capacitance making this a great tool for HVAC work. The magnetic mount allows you to secure the meter for hands-free operation. The large clamp opening also has a work light built in for better visibility in dark spaces.

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                This is going to sound stupid, but have you tried to speed up your travel speed. You should be able to weld 1/4" steel with a 1/8" 7018 rod. But you could try 3/32" rod and see if it helps you