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new Trail Blazer 275 turn up hot start?

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  • new Trail Blazer 275 turn up hot start?

    the new design TB Machines welds great, ive owned it for a few months bought it brand new. one problem.starting a new rod it starts fine, starting a half used rod, it sticks a lot due to needing a hotter start. mainly on 6010 rod. now im a pipe welder and been welding pipe for over 10 years, its not me. I read some were be for that guys were complaining about hot starts being to hot! and wonder if the machine got throttled back from factory.any help would be great!!

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    Hot start is built in, non adjustable, and thats it. however, these new machines are running on a high speed switch. (IGBT) Long and short of it, is that, the engineered wave form is always changing with the information that your giving it as you weld. Thus you will require a 1/0 stinger whip cable. Anything smaller and there is just too much resistance.


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      ok thanks for info, and my whip is smaller than 1/0 so I can upgrade that.

      but my leads are 1/0 100 feet. could that be a problem?? with these new machines?


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        No, but a baby whip cable will be.