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Setting up an old Miller Intellipulse 650 for Mig and Tig

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  • Setting up an old Miller Intellipulse 650 for Mig and Tig

    I have an Intellipulse 650 CC/CV powersource. I got it cheap and would like to use it for MIG and maybe DC Tig. I am keeping an eye out for a HF-251 and looking at used wire feeders and suitcases. One thing that is confusing me is the lack of a power control on the machine. Do I need additional remote voltage and amperage control? The Intellipulse has both a 14 pin and a 17 pin receptacle. Are there any wirefeeders that have a power control on them? Any recommendations for inexpensive MIG set ups would be appreciated. The HF-251 seems like the only/best option for Tig does it require a remote power controller ...any thoughts on that would be great
    Thanks in advance

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    Thinking inteliweld, never the less, this machine is ment for subarc and gouging really not a good choice for much else. Won't pulse without a controller like a S-64M of its age. and needs a remote for anything else. Draws ALOT of 3 phase only power. From my point of view a good Boat anchor, or salvage yard unit..
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      Thanks cruizer, my shop is filled with big old dinosaurs but I suspected this one might be problematic.