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Syncrowave 250 remote foot controller wiring confusion

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  • big mike
    I'm not sure about the wiring but do you have the correct pot?
    Miller uses a 1K and Hobart appears to use a 25K

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  • Syncrowave 250 remote foot controller wiring confusion

    Hi, maybe someone can clarify which wire from the rheostat in the foot controller goes to C,D, E on the plug.
    The manual states “D” is the common, but the PDF on the foot controllers seems to show E as the common.
    In both cases the manuals don’t explain which side of the rheostat C is on. One side has 0 ohms at rest and the other side has max ohms. Does it matter?
    I’m adapting my Hobart remote and thought I’d ask before I experiment to figure it out. I suppose the worse that will happen is the machine will be on full power from the start if I get it backwards. But the part about which pin is the common is a bit confusing.