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  • Dynasty 200 DX Accesories

    I'm getting ready to order a Dynasty 200 DX and wondering if the "Contractor Kit" is the best way to go? Would it be better to order the accessories separately to get upgraded torches or for specific applications? It seems everyone has their preference for torches, flowmeters, remotes, etc. In reading some of the posts, it looks like a lot of you out there have purchased new machines lately. Interested in getting some opinions on which way you went.

    My apologies if this topic has been covered before. I searched the post and didn't find the answer I was looking for.



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    I purchased mine from Bob is in a bit of a rush usually, but he had the lowest price and quickly provided tracking numbers when I called. I got the contractor kit w/ finger control. I have only used the DX once and have gotten good advice from HAWK on things to try different next time (adjust current all the way up so motion on rotary switch is not as fine, use 2T or 4T mode.

    I think it is a better deal, you get the case if you need portability and the torch is sized well.

    The kit comes w/ 0.040, 1/16 and 3/32nd collets and 1 tungsten of each size. The 0.040 broke during transit and Bob sent 3 replacements the same day I called.
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      I bought the contractors kit with my Maxstar a year or so ago with the foot pedal. It is great for shop work. I purchased a used hand control for mobile work. If you are just learning, the foot pedal is easier to learn. However, it is just about useless for field work. The kit has everything you need to get going: 25' #17 torch with collets from .040" to 3/32" as Flat-out mentioned, back caps-short and long, 2% thoriated tungsten, dinse adapter for the torch., and either hand or foot control depending on the part #. It comes in a nice blow molded case for convenience. You also get regulator/gauges for argon and gas hoses with hose extension coupler. It is probably cheaper in the long run to get the contractor kit rather than go piece by piece. Either way the Dynasty is a great machine. I broke down and had to have one. I still have my Maxstar, but would like to sell-M200DX DC only.

      I have a personal preference for the #17 Miller Diamond Back torch (in kit), flowmeter instead of the gauges(seem to be a bit more accurate and easier to reproduce flow settings), and I generally use the .040" and 3/32" tungsten and collets. The extra sizes are a nice convenience. I like the hand control as good as any, but it takes more practice to learn. Extra patience is a virtue here.


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        Thanks Flat-0ut and Hawk for the info. I'm going to order the contractor kit with the foot control. It's been a number of years since I've done much TIG work and it will take some time to get comfortable with a new machine.



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          The contractor kit is a nice easy all in one set up but as Hawk says, it has a regulator gauge instead of flowmeters. It also has stick electrode holder and a nice case. It may be cheaper to price it seperate if you want specific items.



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            Thanks Andy,

            I agree, the contractor kit looks like the way to go.