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Miller 12VS Suitcase Wirefeeder

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  • Miller 12VS Suitcase Wirefeeder

    Hello all, question... I am having one **** of a time with the 12VS Suitcase Wire feeder using .035 bare wire. It is spitting and sputtering and burning back to the tip every other second. I have monkeyed with all the settings on both the Suitcase and my Miller Trailblazer and nothing. I am ready to pull my hair out while trying to finish a job up. Just replaced a new control board in the Suitcase and bought a new gun (an arm and a leg). Here are is another piece of the puzzle... I also bought a very, very slightly rust spotted roll of wire for a big discount (which I've done before and had no problem) , could it be dragging in the liner? Shorting out in there? I am on my way to go find Weld-Aid Wire Lube because I am at my wits end! Please help!!!! Thank you all in advance.

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    OK, Your using the positive to the feeder, a bottle of c25 gas at around 20CFH, voltage at between 18 and 24 volts. Does the wire spool in the palm of your hand nicely without slipping? Switch the soft start to off and make sure the toggle is in CV the feeder.

    Wire lube is C.R.A.P., puncture a ear plug and use that before the drive.


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      Grab another spool of wire from anywhere & try it. This would rule out the wire. I second the wire lube is crap comment. Blow out the liner. The new gun has the correct size liner, yes?
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