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Dynasty 350 w/ wireless foot control and inconsistent pulse

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  • Dynasty 350 w/ wireless foot control and inconsistent pulse

    Hello All,

    I'm asking for help so I'll give You all the details

    I'm working with a Dynasty 350 bought new this year and I am welding .065 304 2'' tube in a variety of joints. I am using 1/16 2% thoriated tungsten sharpened to about 65 degrees and shielding it with pure argon at around 15-18 CFH. No fans, doors closed, no leaks in lines, regs or fittings. Changed bottles. I am using a gas lense and a #7 cup (used an 8 as well) with no more than .5'' of stick-out and torch angle anywhere from 90 degrees to 15 degrees off the work. Filler rod is 309L in .035 and .045 depending on joint design and quality of the fit up. Solid ground and no problems with power delivery, including a new SW320 torch and new outlets on the wall.

    I'm having difficulties on two fronts.

    First off I'm using a wireless foot control and it seems there are issues with "smoothness" of the amperage control compared to the wired units. I have adjusted the amperage at the machine to better match the "sweet spot" within the foot controls range, but it seems to change. I have changed batteries and I'm working only feet from the machine. Anybody else notice this or am I crazy?

    Second thing. I am using a rotary table and am utilizing the pulse feature. PPS, foreground, background all set to a good level (whatever it is).
    I'm experiencing the PPS increasing and then decreasing "very slowly but not consistently" as I weld. Additionally, there is a "dwell" on occasion where the arc remains "on" for just a moment longer. Anybody else having this problem? What could I be doing wrong? Could this issue be related to a faulty foot switch?

    Thank You All for Your help and to Miller for great products! I re-read a bunch of old postings and didn't find anything that helped. I hope to get up and running with confidence sooner than later!

    -Keep moving forward-

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    Does your table have a non isolated ground of some sort, ie a 120Vac motor or receptacle that is bonded with the table? Cause that will cause all sorts of problems....


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      Would the work light that is attached to the table and that is plugged into the auxiliary outlet on the machine be considered a non isolated ground?


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        The light would be in phase with the machine so that should not be a problem. Is your positioner motorized, or do you turn it by hand.


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          The posistioner is motorized. It's plugged into an extension cord from the wall.


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            Originally posted by Electric4Life View Post

            The posistioner is motorized. It's plugged into an extension cord from the wall.

            If you were to plug it into your machine, you likely would no longer have a problem, as the drive would be in phase. However its out of phase pluged into the wall, so isolate the drive by removing the green ground wire from the unit.

            Your problems should vanish. Quite a common service call report.


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              I will try this.