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Troubleshooting Millermatic 252 MIG (Wire Is Not Feeding)

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  • Troubleshooting Millermatic 252 MIG (Wire Is Not Feeding)

    HI everybody, IM NEW to arc welding. My miller is fresh off the Pallet and I followed the instructions for setting up to the best of my ability. The general problem is the wire is not feeding. In detail, the wheels are not even attempting to push the cord through. My electrician installed the plug, and The digital display is working so its not the power source. I installed Prostar E71T-11, (non-gas flux core wire) and fed it through the wheels and into the cord that connects to the gun. I Have double checked all connections, and made sure the wheel pressure is minimum and have left no kinks in the gun cord. The spool is not installed too tightly. If someone can give me some direction I would really appreciate it, sooner the better, Already way behind on the project I bought the MIG for

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    Really tough, best get a operator over there to show you how the machine works, or take a course at a college.

    Only a guess, but wrong power, the machine will still light up, but will not do anything.

    Electricians make mistakes too, quite common actually.


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      Get a multi meter and check power at the outlet, should have 230vac+\- across the flat blades, then check inside the machine where the cord is attached.


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        "fresh off the pallet", they come with drive rolls for solid wire - if you're using flux core, your drive rolls should be one of these

        V-Knurled Drive Roll Kits
        (Flux Cored or difficult-to-feed wire)
        #079 606 .035 in (0.9 mm)
        #079 607 .045 in (1.2 mm)

        If you've already checked the drive rolls, please don't read this


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          Check the tension nut in the middle of the wire spool. My NIB 252 was so tight the motor wouldn't pull the wire either....Bob
          Bob Wright


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            Take the wire out of the equation. Remove it. Do the wheels turn when the trigger is depressed? If so, your wire may be hitting something such as the copper contact tip at its edge.

            Also, are you trying to feed .045" wire through a .035 or .023-.030 gun liner?

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