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200LE Plugin Jack style (old)

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  • 200LE Plugin Jack style (old)

    I think on this unit that the battery charge is dumped from welder windings. I did look under flywheel and there was never any charging system installed on engine so th welder must be supplyong the 12.74 volts to battery while running? Is there a diode for the charging system. Also on DC-Z there is a resistor or diode? It looks in poor shape. Anyone know the specs? On the engine when I got it the throttle switch (S2 in elect diagram). I got a new switch I think. How do I rewire it in. It looks asif there's 2 wires on one terminal and 1 wire on other tinal of coil. Is one of these the bypass wire job someone did a long time ago? How would I rewire switch in. And is there a diaphram availible for govener vac booter still?

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    Nowhere near enough information.

    Going to need the SN on the faceplate of the machine.
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