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profax aec 200 soolgun how to connect to shopmaster 300

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  • profax aec 200 soolgun how to connect to shopmaster 300

    Howdy. I have a chance to pick up a profax aec 200 spoolgun for 400 bucks. The problem is that it was used on a dip pak 250 and does not have the right plug for my shopmaster 300. I called around our area welding supply houses and didn't find out much. One guy said I might need to buy a control box of some sort and that it would cost a couple hundred bucks. He is going to check with his repair guy and get back with me in a few days. Does anyone know what I would need to make this spoolgun work on a shopmaster 300? Thanks for any help you can give.

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    If you knew what you were doing and what needed to be done you could add the necessary components to make it work but the easiest way would be to also purchase an AEC200-1 controller to mate the gun to the Shop Master 300.

    You could also keep an eye out for a used Miller WC-24 and Spoolmatic 30A combination that is meant to work with a machine such as the 300 and might cost less than the PROFAX set up before you're through.
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      make sure you got some strong arms that profax will wear you out sucker weighs a ton by the end of a 12 hour day.