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Spectrum 1000 not working

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  • Spectrum 1000 not working

    Hi I've got a Spectrum 1000 that I've had for probably six or seven years trouble free and I use it daily, but just in the last week the fan has been running on it without it being used (with the machine in in on position but not in use) it never did this in the past. Also it seems to not have the cutting power that it used to, not instantly but diminishing over the years.

    Now the cup error code light is on when i pull the trigger, no pilot arc, but air does come out momentarily and then it stops so I'm looking for some help diagnosing and hopefully repairing, I replaced all the consumables in the torch and disassembled the torch and tested both the microswitches and they both tested good. I clean the dust out of all my machines every six months or so and after this issue I opened it up again(it was cleaned about a month ago) and blew it out again with no improvement.

    What next?

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    Probably going to hve to replace the torch body. As for the fan it's unlikely that it s a thermal, more likely that the main bord is about to crash, as the fan comming on all the time is a warning sign. We techs tend to notice the signs of an eminent crash...


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        So now you got me wondering what a main board is worth and whether its time for a new machine, I had a thermal dynamics machine before the spectrum and the consumable's cost and consumption of that machine was terrible, I also had a hypertherm 65 and it was the same, high consumption of consumables.

        I've brought in in to a repair shop, waiting for the diagnosis. Its strange not having a plasma in my shop, I haven't used my torches for anything other than heating stuck bolts in years.