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Bobcat broken ring?

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  • cruizer
    Something is pressurizing that crank case, so for sure a broken ring, that was likely siezed to the cylinder before you turned it over.
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  • thatsgre8t
    started a topic Bobcat broken ring?

    Bobcat broken ring?

    My bobcat sat up for about a year without being cranked. Recently I tried to use it and couldn't get it to start. I ended up changing the carburetor with a new one. After changing the carb, it immediately started and ran fine for about 30 seconds followed by it bogging down with a solid stream of white smoke coming from exhaust. When I shut it down, I found oil coming from hose that's routed to inside breather cover coming from block. There was no gradual increase in smoke, it just came full stream all at once. I figure it has broken a ring, but just wanting to see what others think.