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My Miller Diversion 165 will not start...

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  • My Miller Diversion 165 will not start...

    So my Miller Diversion 165 will not start. It was running fine the last time I used it. That was several weeks ago. I went to use it a week ago and it wouldn't work. When I flip the power switch on, all I get is a green blinking light. Anyone have any idea what is going on with my welder. Sure could use some guidance.
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    The welder internal voltmeter thinks the input voltage is outside of the allowable range of 207-253 volts. Take a reading at the receptacle with a good digital voltmeter and see if it's right. If it is outside of that range, correct it. If it's close, try it somewhere else where the voltage is closer to 230V. If it's clearly well within the allowable range with a reliable meter, such as a Fluke reading 241 volts, the problem is in the welder.

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