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  • spoolmate 200 opinions

    I am an enthusiastic hobbyist.

    Was considering the 30A spoolmatic for my 252.

    The other option which I am leaning towards is the Spoolmate 200.

    Looking at the specs the only difference I can find is duty cycle.

    Both rated at 3/8"

    I may use the spoolgun to weld

    aluminum a few times a year.

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    Eric, as you may remember I have the 30A gun with my 252 - for what you intend it for, the 200 may be all you need.

    The 30A has a LOT of difference in duty cycle, a rotating spool cannister (more useful than you might think, depending on what you tackle) and 10 feet longer cable.

    I use my spool gun (.035 steel) almost as much as the regular gun at times, but from other forums, we're probably both aware I'm kinda weird

    For one thing, I got to liking MIG so much, first with the 211 then even more with the 252, that I built a "porta-shed" big enough to enclose larger projects but still "portable" enough (if you have a full-size backhoe :=) that I can move it to wherever I need it. With the tarps all closed, it's "MIG-able" inside :=)

    The shed is framed with 2" square tubing and roofed with fiberglass, main section is 12' x 12' and the "side porch" is 8' x 12' - main section is 9' to 11' high, side section is 8-1/2' to 7' high.

    When I want to move it, the side roof supports fold in and the roof folds in against the side of the 12x12 section, I insert a few "mil-spec tinker toys" in the extra 2" receivers welded on the bucket, drive into the shed with the loader, raise the bucket til the "tinker toys" catch two of the cross-supports, pick it up and drive away (assuming there's at least 14-15 feet of width where I'm driving

    Anyway, all the framing was welded with MIG, most of it IN PLACE (a bit heavy for one old fart to prefab) so the 30 foot reach on the 30A was pretty much mandatory for a lot of the welds.

    Like I said, your mileage may vary :=)
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      spoolmate 200 opinions

      I'm thinking for $400 plus dollars difference with no thickness capacity difference that the 200 is all I need!

      Yes I know your weird; lol

      But so am I in my own ways


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        spoolmate 200 opinions


        Will the Spoolmate 200 do what I want?

        Yes I know the 30A is the better option but formy use I cannot justify 2x the price


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          Doesn't look to be made by Miller, (looks kinda like tweco), cheap looking thing, that I wound't touch. doesn't go past 035 wire (which is ok) Accessorys like torch barrels are nil. Personally, you buy the best 15/30A., you get the best. Just go to EBAY, buy a used 30a, get it over with....