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Xmt304 no output control

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  • Xmt304 no output control

    My XMT304, serial no KJ193571, has no output control in MIG mode. There are no error codes. It shows 46volts on the display, but will not throttle down. The display does show varying amps in tig mode, but I did not weld with it in tig. It will weld in MIG, and it is running at full voltage. The display does not show amperage after the weld. This occurred after changing feeders. Changing back did not correct the issue. I tried changing from remote to panel. In panel, the voltage shows 37 but also will not adjust. In stick mode the display shows 999 999.

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    Frigged program on the display board, would be my guess. And no its non-resetable, you'll need a new board. Likely a control cable issue with one of your feeders.


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      New board installed, problem solved!